We Can Often Tell What Tattoos Mean, But What Do Body Piercings Say About You? – Ask the FBI

As a society, are we too quick to judge people who have body piercings and tattoos. Although I don’t have any personally, and no one in my immediate family seems to, that I know about, it does appear that there is a negative stigma, that shouldn’t really exist. I have a few reasons for believing this, one is I think it is human nature, as we’ve noted with tribal people, and many of our ancestors. Secondly, individuality should be garnered as a positive in our society, not a negative. Okay so let’s talk.

Something has come to my attention recently which is somewhat bothersome, it appears that the FBI wants to figure out what tattoos mean about a person’s personality, and what type of tattoos are certain people with certain personalities more likely to get. That seems problematic to me. No, I am not for Iris scans, fingerprinting the whole world, or all this Facebook recognition technology on the social networks on the Internet either. I know for a fact from reading research papers that the human iris changes over one’s life based on their health condition, their diet, exposure to UV radiation, and all sorts of other things as well.

“What does your tattoo say about you? The FBI wants to know,” was the title of an article appearing in NextGov Online News on July 17, 2012 posted by Aliya Sternstein which stated;

“The FBI is working with police tech vendors and local police to interpret the symbolism of tattoos to catch crooks and terrorists. This will be added to Iris and Facial Recognition, they already have fingerprint data. The mass collection of multiple biometric markers, potentially including vocal tracks and handwriting samples, has upset immigrant communities who say the FBI and DHS are misusing the technology to deport innocent people.”

Still, isn’t this stereotyping? It seems us citizens are not allowed to stereotype as that is considered a no-no, political correct, and lord help us if we make an inappropriate comment; can you say hate crime? And yet, the government is instituting profiling and stereotyping of anyone who is different, treating them as if they are the evil joker in a Batman movie. Why are we stereotyping, and what does all this mean. Someone with no tattoos could just as well turn out to be a criminal, as someone who does have tattoos.

Some people might say that those who don’t have tattoos are more integrated into society, and are less likely do a crime, but as soon as we say that, we are attacking a minority that we very much need, that minority believes in individuality, and they are exercising their freedom of expression. That’s a good thing, that’s what the US stands for, and we need more people who believe that. We do not need a society that looks like the Borg, yuk, where everyone is the same, and no one dares to step out of line, or wear a bright color unless it is Friday. You see my point? Please consider all this and think on it.