Are Belly Button Rings and Body Piercings Trashy?

If you are a teenager that wants to get her belly pierced and your parents don’t understand, then you may have heard the comment that belly button rings are trashy. But with the popularity of body piercings and a variety of body bling available is it time for that outdated notion to be put to rest?

This is a question that has been asked and answered by many people of all ages. There seems to be an ongoing debate about the morality or intent of a woman that decides to express herself through a belly piercing. The type of belly button rings available range from very classy, to very cute, to very suggestive. But that could be viewed as very subjective. After all, not every woman is the same – and I don’t think that we would want it that way anyhow.

Some argue that the choice to wear belly button rings, get a nose piercing, or get multiple ear piercings is simply a statement of style and individuality much like the choice between wearing tennis shoes or thick soled boots. This camp would argue that there is as much harm in belly button rings as there is in choosing a hot pink tank top versus a conservative white blouse.

On the other side of the coin, belly button rings are seen as a sexual piercing whose only intent is to focus attention on one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body, the stomach. By extension, these people believe that if a woman gets a belly piercing they are only doing it in order to attract more sexual mates.

For those that see no harm in belly button rings or other body piercings, they would argue that opponents of this type of self expression are simply motivated by fear. But this is not really new. Every generation has had a debate over what is considered “good” and “bad”. Remember, rock and roll was seen as “bad” by generations of the past, but it is still well and alive today.

Perhaps the best advice for a young woman considering getting belly button rings comes from this young lady, “Not everyone is going to think the same. If you don’t feel trashy then forget about what everyone else says. You know who you are…express it!”