How to Clean Belly Button Piercings

There are several ways you can clean belly button piercings.

One of these ways is using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Is this a good idea? NO.

Why? Because both of these eat away freshly healed skin causing the area to possibly scar or take a much longer period of time to heal. Never use any product that contains alcohol.

What about using sea salt to clean belly button piercings? Sea Salt is recommended to be used for the first month, once a day.

You can make your own sea salt mixture by combining 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt/non iodized salt with a cup of warm water.

What you want to do is pour the sea salt over the piercing/area, then gently dry the area with something soft. Ex. a cotton ball.

What else should be done to keep the piercing clean & free of infection?

You should go to a local store, & pick up some antibacterial soap & bactine to use to clean your belly button piercing.

Why bactine? because it’s anti-bacterial & doesn’t contain even a drop of alcohol

Anti-bacterial soap should be applied to the pierced area twice a day, followed by a a spray of bactine. Be warned though bactine, if not used with seasalt or antibacterial soap can create a site for bacteria within the piercing, the seasalt & antibacterial soap are essential to the bactine, & vice versa.

Other useful tips

Do not change the jewelry used with the belly button piercing until at least two weeks has passed since you got that piercing because doing so, can cause the piercing to close up, resulting in a waste of money & a waste of your time. Also know that even after two weeks has passed, piercings can still close up very quickly, so it’s recommended to wait longer to make sure your piercing stays clean.

Source: PiercingInfo