Whet Your Appetite During the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight

If you love Scottish food you’re sure to not want to miss a two-week event taking place in Scotland in September.Plan a stay at your large holiday house in the region to make the most of the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, which champions local produce to protect the nation’s culinary heritage and help safeguard the future of workers such as farmers and fishermen.The event celebrates local fare across restaurants and shops while also encouraging healthy eating. It runs between September 4th and 19th and could provide an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and rent a castle in Scotland to spend some time together.Both big brand and local artisan businesses are invited to take part, showcasing their wares alongside window displays and offering samples of produce to passers-by or drawing people in with banners and signs.Restaurants in the nation will be developing special Scottish-themed menus over the two-week period and some may be running competitions for consumers to create their own Scottish recipes, with the winner chosen to be made into a dish at the eateries.Some will be holding cookery courses with local chefs to highlight how you can recreate the best traditional dishes back at your Scottish holiday home, making the most of local ingredients.Recipes concocted by big names in the local industry for the festival include marbled roulade of chicken, goats cheese, roast red pepper and basil, served with warm tomato relish, rocket and parmesan salad and pesto dressing, as invented by Willie Pike of the Federation of Master Chefs Scotland.Contests are set to run throughout the event, such as the Mini Masterchef, which was held in 2009 for youngsters aged from eight to 14 when it was won by an eight-year-old girl.Meanwhile, if you’re staying in a far-flung Scottish holiday home, you may find you have access to a range of food-related films in rural areas, as the event organisers have teamed up with cinema access provider Regional Screen Scotland to put on shows in remote location in conjunction with local food producers.However you choose to spend your fortnight, you’re sure to get a taste for Scotland at the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight.

What Makes Piercings So Popular Among Teenagers?

Did you ever try to think what the reason is that most teenagers are falling for piercings? No wonder, it is something makes a person look different? But how come they start feeling pleasure in pain? Tattoos and piercings are actually becoming so popular among teenagers despite the pain and discomfort it will bring in their lives.

Not only the teenagers or youngsters, the entire fashion industry is falling for multiple piercings. You can see the piercing in the ears, nose, eyebrows, tongue or even belly piercing of famous actors and actresses. In a promotional photo shoot, it is seen that Emma Watson got four piercing on their ears snaking up beautifully. Also, a shot got viral on the internet where the Camille Charriere (a top style blogger) and her friends joined the Maria Tash Piercing event.

One of the major reasons why piercings have becoming quite popular among the teenagers is the growing interest of famous personalities and their flaunting style with a piercing done on unbelievable parts of their body.

‘People started to appreciate that all parts of the ear could be decorated,’ says Maria Tash. She admired the way people start appreciating the way a person can enhance their look by getting pierced their ears, eyebrows and even lips.

It is not surprising to know that every girl loves to be called beautiful which is the main reason why they won’t afraid of trying all fashion tips to look good. Recently, a lot of teenagers turned to facial piercing to make their personalities even better. Nose, ears, and eyebrows are the popular piercing. They find fun in everything without thinking about its adverse effects. They won’t hesitate to try everything and make their personalities different and everything that makes them an individual.

Tattoos and body piercings are just like a body art and they find it feasible to work on their body and face not only to make their looks better but to make themselves feel beautiful and get the appreciation for what they have done.

Another major reason behind the popularity of piercing is following the famous personalities. The first thing which comes to the fashion industry, people notice when their famous actors or artists carry that fashion.

However, youngsters want to follow a fashion statement followed by their role model. And the famous personalities are trying all the styles whether they are doing the ears piercing or belly piercing to stay in vogue. Now, they are following the unique fashion statement to enhance their individuality.

NoPull Piercing Discs Result In Healthier Piercings

When someone gets a piercing, their top priority should be the care of that piercing. There are a number of products that help with the healing process. These are normally sprays, creams, fluids, soaps or even mouthwash. However, there are other products that help in the healing process. One such product is the NoPull Piercing Disc.

The NoPull Piercing Disc is a silicone disc. This silicone disc fits up the 12g jewelry and generally jewelry that is as small as 18g. While the disc is not an o-ring, in most cases the disc will not fall off but can be easily removed by the wearer. If a user needs to, the disc can be altered to fit up to 6g body jewelry. Any more and the effect the disc has would be minimal if present at all as the little disc is 7mm in size.

The great thing about the NoPull Piercing Disc is that the manufacture of the product is top notch. The product is made in the United States rather than being sourced out to China or some other country that usually ends up meaning the possibility of a lower quality product. Not only that, the disc is only made with medical grade silicone. You can be sure that the disc is safe to use on all piercings, even new piercings which is the primary use of the disc.

Sure, the NoPull Piercing Disc is high quality. But why would you want to use it? Well, there are many reasons. There are many piercings that it can be used for. Originally the disc was made for oral piercings and piercings that used labret studs. The idea was to provide a larger softer surface are so that a cushion was made. This allowed less irritation which results in faster healing times.

As more and more people started using the NoPull Piercing Disc, they started to experiment with it. Soon, it was discovered that the disc offered huge benefits to cartilage piercings. Sometimes with cartilage piercings, some very painful and ugly scarring happens. This usually results in a cartilage bump. Previously, there wasn’t really a good way to get rid of that bump. Maybe a little cushion would help? Turns out not only does the cushion help, but the use of silicone helps reduce the bump and even get rid of it completely.

Don’t want to believe it? There are plenty of customer reviews floating around. Even a free participant study was conducted over several months. The results, when worn snug against the scarring, hypertrophic scars were greatly reduced in already healed cartilage. The NoPull Piercing Disc is even recommended by some of the biggest names in the Piercing industry. Elayne Angel, author of the Piercing Bible and one of the biggest names if not biggest name in the industry, recommends it.

And since the disc is made out of silicone, it can be sterilized in a steam autoclave. This is a must for new piercings so that no bacteria and germs are transported to the new piercing which could result in an effected piercing. And a sterilized NoPull Piercing Disc guarantees you a clean and safe product before you even start using it.

If you are having problems with or are getting a new oral piercing, piercing using a labret stud or a cartilage piercing you, you should seriously consider getting a NoPull Piercing Disc.