Dangle Belly Button Rings Enhance Your Sexy Appeal

The wearing of dangle belly button rings is now becoming a custom of many modern women. It is an extraordinary way of beautifying your body in a fashionable manner. The use of body jewelry enhances the sexy appeal of your abs, making them more attractive. These dangling navel rings are available in wide assortment of designs from different jewelry stores. Adapting the practice of adorning your navel with dangle belly button rings will surely improve the charm of your sexy body.

Belly button rings are the most stylish way to highlight your abs. They can be purchased in different shapes and sizes that help you come out in a unique style that you prefer. You can enjoy having a mix and match with those pieces of body jewelry to complement with your overall attire. At times, many opt to use dangling belly rings which are lengthy and create an impressive impact as it sways when you move around.

If you plan to buy this type of jewelry, the following tips are helpful to come up with the desired design. Think about what you look for in a belly ring. Consider the materials, the length and the decoration that you best like. Common materials are gold, silver, crystals, titanium, surgical steel and plastic. Having set with your plan, you can now be ready to shop without being confused with so many choices that are available in the stores. Online shopping can often get you the best deals and allow you to compare styles and prices.

Another suggestion in order to make your jewelry unique is to add decorations to it. Attaching pendant could make these dangling artistically distinctive which at times become personalized style. You can choose from a birthstone, a significant symbol and other designs with significant meaning to you. You can wear these various styles of navel rings depending on the occasion that fits them. Selecting the most preferred dangle belly button rings will be an added appeal to your look and style.

Patronizing the use of dangle belly button rings reveals the personality of an individual. With the sense of responsibility associated with having naval piercing reflects a positive character of a person. Always consider the materials of the product when shopping to refrain from hassles later on. You can also customize the designs such as your name, initials, flowers etc. Identifying perfect ones suited for your skin type and desired style will absolutely create a sophisticated charm to your look.

How to Clean Belly Button Piercings

There are several ways you can clean belly button piercings.

One of these ways is using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Is this a good idea? NO.

Why? Because both of these eat away freshly healed skin causing the area to possibly scar or take a much longer period of time to heal. Never use any product that contains alcohol.

What about using sea salt to clean belly button piercings? Sea Salt is recommended to be used for the first month, once a day.

You can make your own sea salt mixture by combining 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt/non iodized salt with a cup of warm water.

What you want to do is pour the sea salt over the piercing/area, then gently dry the area with something soft. Ex. a cotton ball.

What else should be done to keep the piercing clean & free of infection?

You should go to a local store, & pick up some antibacterial soap & bactine to use to clean your belly button piercing.

Why bactine? because it’s anti-bacterial & doesn’t contain even a drop of alcohol

Anti-bacterial soap should be applied to the pierced area twice a day, followed by a a spray of bactine. Be warned though bactine, if not used with seasalt or antibacterial soap can create a site for bacteria within the piercing, the seasalt & antibacterial soap are essential to the bactine, & vice versa.

Other useful tips

Do not change the jewelry used with the belly button piercing until at least two weeks has passed since you got that piercing because doing so, can cause the piercing to close up, resulting in a waste of money & a waste of your time. Also know that even after two weeks has passed, piercings can still close up very quickly, so it’s recommended to wait longer to make sure your piercing stays clean.

Source: PiercingInfo

Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing has become one of the most trendy directions in the body art. It is less traumatic than the rest of the perforations on the body and face – like nose, lips, breast and genitals perforations. Navel piercing came into fashion due to atop model Christy Turlington, who for the first time ever appeared on the podium with the pierced navel during one of the Fashion Weeks in London in the late eighties. The example of Christie turned out to be catchy and was followed by Naomi Campbell, who wanted to keep up with her rival and came onto the podium with a similar adornment in her navel the next day.

Belly Button piercing jewelry

Belly button piercing jewelry is usually made of such materials as surgical steel, titanium, silver and bioplastics. It can be made indifferent shapes like rings, micro barbells and so on. It is strongly recommended to wear a barbell right after a fresh perforation, which accelerates the healing process. With a barbell it goes much faster than with a belly button ring. And then you can insert into the pierced hole any other jewelry including belly button rings.

In the most cases for the navel piercing a special type of barbells is applied – the banana barbell, called so for its curved shape. There are also some other varieties of jewelry for the belly button piercing such as simple curved barbells, rings with ball-shaped locks, barbells with pendants and many others.

Experts do not recommend to use jewelry made of surgical steel right after perforation. Statistics shows that only fifteen percent of the perforations with these adornments heal without problems. The ideal option of jewelry for belly button piercing in the fresh perforations is jewelry made of gold and silver, but it is certainly much more expensive than the affordable models made of bioplastics and surgical steel. You may also purchase several various adornments made of different materials and change them to match your clothes or the way you feel at the moment. It is as easy as changing your earrings.

Belly Button piercing: types and aspects of treatment.

There are two basic types of belly button piercing – standard and multiple. In the standard type there is only one perforation of the navel, which is done strictly vertical. The pin is inserted into the hole so that to keep the upper ball slightly raised above the skin for about half a millimeter. Otherwise, the adornment will put pressure on the belly button and may cause a feeling of discomfort.

The multiple belly button piercing consists of a number of perforations. They shouldn’t in any case be done simultaneously because the wounds healing may interfere with each other. Besides that, running to such extremes is fraught with all kinds of complications.

Healing of the perforations for the belly button piercing may last very long, because the waist is one of the most flexible parts of the body. Constant movement of the waist can injure fresh perforations. In addition, the navel is a place, where the body dirt amasses, which may cause a variety of infections.

Until the wounds heal, they should be daily washed with antibacterial soap, which contains triclosan. You don’t have to pull your adornments out of the navel during this procedure. It is enough to move them up and down to let the solution penetrate into the wound. Afterwards the perforations are rinsed with clean water the same way. Rinsing the navel with salt water accelerates the healing process as well. The appropriate solution is prepared by dissolving of one teaspoon of salt in a quarter glass of warm boiled water. Lavender oil may also be used for this purpose.